Card Coop

Digital signatures

Each Card Coop enagles digital signatures with extended features.

A membership card with digital signatures that allow to sign electronic documents and perform other interactions with cooperatives and non-profit organizations




  • Virtual electronic signature
  • Sign documents and endorse interactions remotely.
  • Remotely participate in member's meetings and cast your votes.
  • Stored locally in a browser of your device.
  • Accepted at participating websites of cooperatives or non-profit organizations.
  • The card expires in 7 day if not used, easy to reissue a new card or have several cards on the same device.


450 р.

  • The electronic signature in a form of a card
  • The embedded NFC module allows to interact with mobile devices and major POS terminals
  • Present your card in person at participating cooperative locations or use remotely
  • The card expires in 3 years as per the current regulations


2 500 р.

  • Contains a universal qualified digital signature created using certified encryption by accredited companies
  • The card can be used to access public services, tax and state entities for reporting, participation in public procurement, document management systems - wherever a qualified signature is accepted
  • Based on a Rutoken smart card technology with EDS 3.0 NFC 3100, which are full-featured secure technology using encryption and electronic signature algorithms GOST, RSA and ECDSA